Terms and Conditions


  1. “the Company” is Faversham Marquees, a part of the Faversham Group
  2. “the hirer” is the individual or Company named on the hire contract, proforma, or tax invoice.
  3. “the equipment” is all the equipment hired by the Company to the Hirer
  4. “cartage” is the distance that metalwork, linings, flooring and electrical equipment is carried.
  5. “metreage” is a total distance to the site and from the nearest access point measured in metres.
  6. “tentage” is all items that for the construction if a marquee or ancillary tent.
  7. “insurance” is a written policy to fall back on in case of need.
  8. “access” is a method of entry, vehicle space or personal admission the hirer provides to the Company enabling the Company efficient construction of their tenatge.
  9. “security” is a method in which “the hirer” ensures the Company’s equipment is safe from theft or malicious damage.
  10. “accidental damage” is damage caused during cartage, road transportation, or in normal use by the hirer, but excludes cuts, burns, or staining of linings, interior walls, exterior walls, carpets, or roof panels from fireworks, caterers, party poppers, silly string and or similar ancillary projectiles bought in, or hired in by third party services.
  11. “marquee items” means all component items required to form a tent or marquee structure, but excludes pins, nails, clips, cable ties,
  12. “the hire period” means the period of time from when the equipment leaves the Companies premises, to the time when such equipment is delivered back to the Company or its agents.
  13. “event power” is a stand alone method of providing “ups” (uninterrupted power supply) to outside events. MCB and RCD protection are incorporated as standard. The Company may not supply “clean” electricity for electronic devices and therefore those devices should incorporate spike protection in line prior to drawing on the Companies power supply.
  14. “underground services” includes all underground cabling for electricity, telephone, gas, fuel oil, heating oil, drainage, and central heating.
  15. “minimum rate” is a minimum wage (£5.35 currently in 2007) set by Parliament for workers.
  16. “blockage” is an event or circumstance whereby the Company is denied access or egress and an extra distance is generated or time delay as a result.


The hirer shall pay the Company the hire charges in full with cleared funds (if requested by the Company) at the commencement of the hire period. An invoice will be sent prior to the hire period offering marquee tentage and ancillary equipment to the hirer. A 50% deposit payment by cheque must be received no later than 5 working days from the date of invoice. Failure to pay in full on or before the day of hire period will deem the contract to be terminated, unless written agreement between the Company and the hirer has been agreed.



The equipment is hired out by the Company to the hirer for the hire rate set out in the hire contract.  The hirer shall act as a bailee of the equipment and no title, interest, or ownership shall pass to the hirer. The agreement is specific to the hirer and is not assignable to any other party. Terms and Conditions of bailment apply.



The hirer is liable for the safety and security of all the hire equipment during the hire period. Any damage or loss of such equipment is the responsibility of the hirer and will be charged for by the Company. Alternatively the Company can quote separately for security personnel to tend and care for the equipment. A “new for old” charge will be the cost of replacing the equipment with new stock, as apposed to “indemnity”, a proportion of the value of the item. In the event of substances such “party poppers” and “silly string” (which bleed their colours into the white marquee walls and or ivory linings) soiling the equipment the hirer will be liable for the cost of specialist cleaning (if possible) of the soiled equipment. The hirer will be responsible for ensuring that they have adequate insurance to cover the cost of any damage or loss to the equipment from the time of erection to the time of dismantling and removal of the same. In the event of theft or loss the “hire period” continues until the Company is reimbursed by the hirer or their agent.



Individual hire charges for collected catering or tentage are based on the assumption that goods are returned on or before 4pm on the last day of the Hire Period. This is to ensure the next Hirer receives their equipment in time the following day. Therefore, late returns will be charged as follows: 1 – 6 days late = 1 week hire charge, 7 days or more = 2 weeks hire charge for each week or part thereof after the agreed return date.



The hirer shall permit any person authorised by the Company access at all reasonable times to enter upon the premises upon which the equipment is placed to inspect it. It is an express condition of hire that the Company has access at any time during inclement or storm weather conditions.



In the event of the hirer terminating the contract before the hire period commences, the hirer will be liable to pay the Company a sum equivalent to 50% of the total hire charge of the equipment. In the event of the hirer terminating the contract after the hire period is commenced, then the full hire charge is due.



The company reserves the right to delay or cancel delivery of any equipment, when factors out of their control prevent, i.e. “Force Majeure” or non payment of invoices. We currently enjoy a 100% success rate with many failsafe systems in place.



It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all people who use the equipment are correctly trained in the safe and correct installation of the hired equipment. Operating manuals (at cost) can be supplied if requested in advance of a hire period.


Marquees are intended as temporary constructions. Severe & extreme weather conditions may not guard totally against some water or wind entering a structure. Therefore the Company does not accept liability for any claim arising from any weather conditions, be it rain, snow or wind. No heating, lighting, cooking or other heat sources, other than those provided by the Company, may be used in, or close to the Company’s marquees without the written consent of the Company.


The Company reserves the right to sub-contract part or all of the hire for the event.


The hirer and any of their agents will not remove, deface or cover up name stickers or any identification marks placed of the equipment by the company. This is to ensure that only the company’s equipment is sent out and returned.



The hirer, nor any of their agents will allow catering equipment to contaminate, burn, or melt fabric, walls or linings. Barbequing is strictly prohibited inside our marquees or within 5 meters. Spit Roasting is allowed on production of a CE Approval Certificate and insurance policy from the spit roast company engaged.



The Hirer is responsible for removing all debris from the inside of the Company’s tentage prior to breakdown. Debris include food residue, bottles, cans, balloons, tables, chairs, interior décor, vases, plants, staging, electrical equipment, third party cabling, catering equipment, and general items not supplied by the Company. If you are hiring coir coconut matting or event carpet there may be a small post event charge to remove ground in food such as chocolate cake, mud, straw, hay, sand, or similar contamination in carpets or matting. The hirer can book a marquee “clean up” prior to an event, which is often more convenient.



All quoted prices are based on the strict understanding that there is an access delivery and collection point of no more than 20 meters to the centre point of the marquee site or equipment site. On the rare occasion that access is extended, denied or altered during the course or prior to a hire period, a charge of 5p per metre, per “marquee items” shall be invoiced to cover extra costs of cartage, be it by staff or mechanical devices brought in to site. Should access be block entirely waiting time of “minimum rate” plus 30% applies for the Companies staff on site at increments of 15 minute charges per member of the Companies staff on site, per blockage. Should delivery or collection be denied for more than one hour per day, overtime rates of time plus one half are automatically charged for the period of “blockage”.   It is assumed that that hirer has adequate land drainage and support to allow the Company to access and egress the delivery and collection point without any damage to “underground services” or finished surfaces of grass, gravel, tarmacadem, block paving or similar.



The Hirer has a “Duty of Care” to their customers or guests in the respect of Fire and First Aid. Fire Extinguishers and First Aid boxes are available from the hirer if required.



The total POWER demand of the Hirer’s event should not exceed 80% of the power output of the generator ordered from the Company and subsequently supplied. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to liaise with bands, discotheques, caterers, and entertainment providers in order to state their power requirements. It is advised that all electrical equipment holds a PAT testing mark not more than 24 months old. Event generators are MCB, or RCD protected, or both. It is not advisable or safe to plug long power leads into domestic household electrical supplies. Long unprotected cabling is dangerous and causes “volt drop” which in turn can cause overloading. In the worst cases overheating, combustion, or total power failure of household electricity.



The Hirer may wish to consider heating via thermostatic control an Indirect Marquee Heater which are positioned outside the marquee. The heater is powered by diesel fuel which is a “clean burn” device and blows warm air into the marquee space via ducting. These heaters require up to 5kva to start up, and runs on 3kva. The hirer is advised that although our marquees are a 2006 design no temporary structure can be draft free and with a combination of wind, rain, and ventilation the hirer’s guests (especially females in evening dresses) may become uncomfortable in unheated environments.


17. PRIVATE DRAINAGE (Septic Tanks)

Most private drainage systems function sufficiently well with normal household usage. It is a fact that private drainage systems can get overloaded and fail during peak demands such as parties or weddings. It is the hirer’s responsibility to review the drainage demands and make known to the Company any Mobile Luxury Convenience requirements. Any drainage pipe work less than 1 metre from the surface around the marquee site of generator site should be advised in writing by the hirer to eliminate finding pipes and cables.



An Accidental Damage Waiver (ADW) of 5% is levied on the final invoice total which is normal for the industry. ADW covers accidental damage of equipment during cartage to and fro, and whilst in the custody and control of the Hirer. ADW covers small breakages of catering hire equipment, temporary contamination of tentage by firework residue, bird excrement, water, drink, grass, hay, food staining of flooring or fabrics, wildlife incidents from birds, badgers, foxes and other similar small animals. ADW does not cover permanent damage which is caused by third parties whilst in the custody and control of the client, nor does it cover any damage whatsoever as a result of a marquee being left unsecured buy the hirer, their guests, or clients event contractors whilst under the custody and control of the hirer.



The Company operates tentage in the UK from our warehousing facilities on the borders of Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. The Guildford area and Petersfield area are the areas of free delivery. All other areas where equipment or tentage is to be delivered is charged at “cost per mile” (Automobile Association rates) travelled plus “minimum rate” drivers wages plus 20%.



VAT and Deferred Deposit

All quoted prices are subject to 20% vat. Damaged items will be charged at cost price. A Deferred Deposit (card authorisation) is required to cover any losses. 


Please feel to contact us via the website or by Phone 03333 442062 or SMS 07771 781407

Hire Duration


A maximum hire duration applies for all items. The hire duration includes the day of delivery, day of event, day of collection.

  • Weekends - 3/4 day hire applies, Friday delivery day, event day, Monday collection day when the hire period includes one or more weekend days.
  • Weekdays - 2/3 day hire applies when the hire period does not include any weekend days.
  • Bank Holiday - 5/6 day hire unless otherwise stated.

Tracking Delivery & Collections 

Your delivery and collection driver will contact you either by mobile phone or SMS to advise an ETA as he leaves his previous delivery or collection comitment.


  • £ CALL - AM or PM
  • £ CALL - Time Specific 09.00am - 18.00hrs
  • £ CALL - Time Specific 18.00hrs - 09.00hrs


  • £ CALL - AM or PM
  • £ CALL - Time Specific
  • £ CALL - Time Specific 18.00hrs - 09.00hrs