Options and Structure


All our marquees are free standing frames.  There are no center poles, your area is open.  Our marquee systems are modular and can be erected in a variety of configurations depending on the site and client requirement. Marquees can be long, thin, L-shaped, U-shaped, square or rectangular.

We will be happy to advise you on the size of marquee you require.  The factors to be considered will include seating arrangements, catering areas, serving stations, entertainment and dance areas.

Our Marquee components allow us to create structures that are 6 metres, 9 metres or event 9 metres wide. The modular design of our frame marquees allow almost endless additions making the length of the marquee essentially limitless.  This gives us complete flexibility in the size of structure we offer and has allowed us to adapt to guest numbers between 30 and 1000 people!

Around the perimiter of the structure we can offer solid wall sections or window walls to maximize natural light.  Open sections and doorways can be placed to suit your plans and adjusted on the day if weather demands.


Event floors come in various choices.  If you want to embrace the great outdoors your lawn may be all that is required or the use of a simple matting surface.  For more formal events you will want to remove unevenness in the ground that may give your guest an unpleasant surprise.  For weddings and sit down dinners we recommend sectional wooden sub flooring that will take up any deficiency in the ground surface.  A level floor allows a variety of carpeting options to complete your indoor environment outdoors.

Dance flooring a part of what makes a great birthday in a Faversham marquee.  We can offer a dance floors in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your theme and number of guests.

Other Equipment:

Heating – Our space heaters are designed specifically for heating large temporary spaces.  They are quiet, safe and effective in any weather conditions

Generator - Taking power from a nearby building is fine for lighting but if your event involves amplified entertainment you will require a genetor of electricity

Luxury outdoor toilets and washrooms - We can arrange for the installation of surprisingly civilized mobile facilities whatever your guest numbers

Covered Walkways - We can keep your guests nice and dry if your event involves moving between a main building and an outside marquee

Lighting and electrical - Running outdoor electrical cabling is not to be taking lightly. We have safe systems for providing lighting and power within your temporary structure