Interior Options

Décor Choices

One of the best things about using a marqueee is the complete control it gives you over the appearance and atmosphere of your event. Unlike an indoor venue a marquee is a blank page just waiting to be for your creative touch.

Our marquees utilise removable coloured linings and swags for the roof and walls allowing dramatically different looks depending on your tastes. Remember that you can also choose the colour of your carpeting to create the environment of your choice. This gives you a range of visual choices that would be impossible in a rented venue.

Please click through the gallery to the right to see a few of the different moods that can be created using simple or colored roof linings, contrasting swags or boldly coloured carpeting.

Creative lighting can make a dramatic difference for evening events and we can also offer the very popular "starcloth" ceiling option for your entertainment area or your entire marquee.


Christian Faversham Marquees is also pleased to offer a range of event furniture rental choices. We can provide bars, a variety of tables and seating. In addition we can offer table linens to complement your interior choices.